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Hartley Boats Supernova Ready to Sail £7995 incl VAT

Complete boat ready to sail£7,995.00
Optional Extras

Boat Accessories

Boat Logos (pair) (HBGC-1194)£59.98
Burgee (fitted) (HBGC-1193)£17.99
Carbon Tiller Extension Upgrade (HBGC-1196)£59.98
Coloured Non Slip Floor (HBGC-1188)£169.98
Hatch Bag (HBGC-1190)£24.98
Hawk (HBGC-1191)£23.98
Little Hawk (HBGC-1192)£15.98
Padded Toe Strap (HBGC-1189)£59.98
Tack Tick Compass (fitted) (HBGC-1195)£298.75
Two Coloured Hull (below water line) (HBGC-1187)£189.98

Boat Movement

Aluminium Double Cradle Launch Trolley (HBGC-1204)£489.98
Combi Trailer (HBGC-1206)£1,099.96
Double Cradle Launch Trolley (HBGC-1203)£399.98
Road Trailer Base (HBGC-1205)£699.98
Tie Down Strap (HBGC-1207)£19.98

Boat Protection

Cocoon Cover (HBGC-1199)£189.98
Combi-Bag (HBGC-1201)£69.98
Flat Top Cover (HBGC-1197)£239.98
Mast Foot Protector Bag (HBGC-1202)£39.98
Overboom Cover Poly/Cotton (HBGC-1198)£259.98
Under Cover (HBGC-1200)£179.98

Sailing Options

Adjustable Lowers (HBGC-1184)£289.98
Black Spars (HBGC-1181)£60.00
Gooseneck Heavy Duty (HBGC-1186)£49.98
Mast Head Buoyancy Kit 2 (HBGC-1185)£119.98
Side Cleats (HBGC-1183)£59.98
Small Sail (HBGC-1182)£699.98

All prices incl VAT

The new sleek Supernova being built in Derby (UK) by the Hartley Boats team is now beautifully built in epoxy and weighs in at just 50kg making the Supernova one of the fastest and best performing single-handed dinghies you can sail without the added complications of wings or trapeze wires. The Supernova combines a sporty performance that can be sailed with exceptional ease, style and comfort. The high boom position enables the daggerboard to be raised almost fully for easier launching and recovery. The mainsheet is sheeted from the centre of the cockpit directly to the mid-boom position so it doesn't catch on the transom which is a particular advantage, especially when gybing downwind. The cockpit is large and open-ended so itself drains and eliminates water almost instantly and enables getting back in the boat easily, the high boom is a distinct advantage for taller sailors and those who prefer not to get a bump on the head. 

Though powerful, the superb mylar sail coupled with a light sealed mast is challenging but quite manageable for most helms in almost all wind conditions. A reduced size soft sail option is available for lighter helms or those wishing to sail in exceptionally heavy winds. The Supernova is suitable for average and larger sailors when racing, and can be enjoyed by one or two people for leisurely cruising. The new lightweight Supernova takes a backache out of launching and recovery and makes manoeuvering the boat on the trolley or around the dinghy park a breeze.

Benefits of the Supernova:

High performance.

Super rig.

High boom.

Continuous controls lines.

Self-draining cockpit.

Roomy cockpit.

Very easy to right.

Ball bearing blocks.

Low weight epoxy build

Sensational style.

One design.

The whole Hartley Boats fleet now comes with a standard 4-year industry leading warranty.

Hartley Boats, the friendly professional company that builds this boat and cares about its customers and products.

The Hartley Boats team are delighted to work closely with the very active Supernova class association, which is well established and welcomes new members, there is a full race calendar of open meetings and championships. Further details can be found on the Supernova Class Association website or their very active Facebook page

Check out the Supernova National championships which always gets over 100 boats.

Experience with the boat has shown that it is equally at home on the sea and on inland waters. The daggerboard creates few problems launching or landing in shallow waters because it is possible to raise it almost completely without fouling the boom. Downwind, the Supernova is unusually stable for a single hander and this combined with little or no tendency to nose dive helps considerably in tricky conditions.


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