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Hartley Boats Contender Ready to sail £11995 incl VAT

Complete boat ready to sail£11,995.00
Optional Extras

Boat Accessories

Blue Wave calibrated turnbuckle upgrade (PAIR) (HBGC-359)£198.00
Boat Logos (pair) (boat name) (HBGC-362)£59.98
Carbon Centreboard Upgrade (HBGC-361)£198.98
Carbon Flaps (pair) (HBGC-356)£149.98
Carbon Rudder Stock Upgrade (HBGC-360)£349.98
Lower Calibrator Turn Buckles (pair) (HBGC-358)£198.00
Mast Hawk (fitted) (HBGC-355)£23.98
Staymaster Upgrade (pair) (HBGC-357)£98.00
Tidy Bag (HBGC-363)£29.98

Boat Movement

Aluminium Launch Trolley (HBGC-369)£489.98
Combi Trailer (HBGC-370)£1,089.96
Combi Trailer Base (HBGC-371)£699.98
Gunnel Hung Launch Trolley (HBGC-368)£389.98
Lighting Board with Mast Support (HBGC-373)£89.98
Middle Tie Down Beam (HBGC-372)£169.98
Tie Down Strap (HBGC-374)£19.98

Boat Protection

Rudder Bag (HBGC-366)£59.98
Spar Bag (HBGC-367)£129.98
Top Cover Breathable (HBGC-364)£259.98
Under Cover (HBGC-365)£195.94

Sailing Options

Carbon Tiller Extension (HBGC-354)£129.78
Coloured Drain Tubes (HBGC-353)£49.80
Coloured Foils (HBGC-352)£98.00
CST High Modular 45m Mast Upgrade (HBGC-346)£1,197.98
CTS High Modular Carbon Boom Upgrade (HBGC-348)£298.90
Harkin Fit Out (HBGC-349)£395.00
Lennon Designed Kevlar Main Sail Upgrade (HBGC-344)£398.95
Pro Grip Black / Grey (HBGC-351)£0.00
Superspar Carbon High Modular 45m Mast (HBGC-345)£690.00
Superspar Oval Carbon Boom Upgrade (HBGC-347)£198.97
Two Coloured Hull (HBGC-350)£198.98

All prices incl VAT

The New Hartley Contender is a remarkable evolution that further develops the strengths of its successful predecessor, it is a sleek new model that incorporates new engineering and design techniques to overcome the shortcomings that have been limiting factors in earlier models. We are very proud to continue to build this very established class in the centre of the United Kingdom by our family run team based in Derby.

 Beautifully faired and optimised with precision accuracy, symmetry and sharpness.

 It has a crisp new deck design with:

Improved ergonomics include a wider, deeper cockpit and a higher foredeck which combine to create greater boom clearance, making it easier to execute manoeuvres

Improved drainage – sculpted cockpit shape quickly diverts splash water aft to the unique and efficient drain tubes that are lower and more outboard than before.

Using the most modern and up to date epoxy resin composite techniques we have greatly enhance and improve the stiffness and consistency of the Hull.

Robust laminate specification – stronger than the competitors

Clever engineering has enabled us to deliver a lower centre of gravity and to increase the laminate thickness and materials whilst also keeping within the defined class weight rules  

 Ingenious new foil designs are sure to leave others in the wake

Unique design allows the centreboard to be positioned up to 50mm further aft in the boat, improving boat balance and feel across all wind ranges.

The advanced cassette rudder and stock offer the convenience of a removable blade whilst also providing all the beneficial attributes of a fixed rudder.

In addition, the Hartley Contender has numerous bespoke fittings and design details to set the new Gold standard and to place it well ahead of the competition.

Further improvements the Hartley Boats team in Derby (UK) alongside Naval Architect Peter Hobson made to the deck are as follows: 

Laser aligned Pintle recess to guarantee centreboard and rudder alignment.

 Flush transom join

 Built-in drain tube flaps

 Redesigned transom drain tubes to improve drainage

 Narrowed side decks and lower rear tank to make boat float lower in capsize

 Reshaped side tanks to improve drainage

 Lower cockpit floor to increase room under the boom

 Rounded side tanks to make tacking more comfortable

 Redesigned centreboard stirrups top give multiple pivot positions

 Redesigned centreboard to allow centreboard to move 50mm further aft in the boat for improved balance

 Redesigned shroud eye bolts to maximise squaring off the boom

 Specially designed mast step integral with control line

 Raised foredeck to maximise room under the boom

 Redesigned stem fitting to make stronger forestay take-off

 Fully moulded bulkheads to improve overall boat stiffness

 Increased core thickness to improve boat stiffness

 Daggerboard rudder stock

 Completely maximised waterline length.

The new Hartley Boats Contender is already racking up race wins, check the active Contender class association for the latest results and events.  

Contender like the whole of the Hartley Boats fleet now comes with a standard 4-year industry leading warranty. We believe as a  friendly professional company who cares about its customers and products we are ideally placed to help the contender class move forward.



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