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Hartley Boats Wayfarer Trainer Ready To Sail £10794 incl VAT

Complete boat ready to sail£10,794.00
Optional Extras

Boat Accessories

Aft Bench Seats (HBGC-1643)£498.98
Boat Logo (pair) (Boat Name) (HBGC-1644)£59.98
Double Waterline (HBGC-1642)£198.97
GRP Aft Storage Locker (HBGC-1645)£699.95
Jybe Strop (HBGC-1647)£39.97
Large Tidy Bag (HBGC-1648)£29.88
Mooring Cleats and Fairlead (HBGC-1646)£89.98
Padded Toe Straps (HBGC-1640)£69.97
Two Colour Hull (HBGC-1641)£179.98
Upgrade Metal Bailers (HBGC-1649)£239.98

Boat Movement

Combi Trailer (HBGC-1656)£1,099.98
Combi Trailer Base (HBGC-1657)£699.98
Deluxe Jockey Wheel with Handle (HBGC-1659)£79.98
Lighting Board with Mast Support (HBGC-1661)£89.98
Middle Tie Down Beam (complete) (HBGC-1662)£169.98
Standard Jockey Wheel (HBGC-1658)£69.97
Tie Down Strap (HBGC-1663)£19.98
Trailer Winch Kit (HBGC-1660)£79.98
Twin Cradle Launch Trolley (HBGC-1655)£399.98

Boat Protection

Bilge Keel Protection (HBGC-1654)£189.98
D Section Bumper (HBGC-1652)£249.97
Overboom Cover Poly/Cotton (HBGC-1651)£269.98
Rear Boom Protection (HBGC-1653)£69.98
Top Cover Flat (HBGC-1650)£239.98

Sailing Options

Asymmetric Spinnaker System Fully Rigged (HBGC-1636)£999.97
Buoyant Head Patch fitted Mail Sail (HBGC-1629)£129.97
Centre Main with Ratchet (HBGC-1638)£179.98
Easy Furl (HBGC-1631)£39.97
Genoa Furler (HBGC-1630)£139.98
Genoa Reefing System (HBGC-1632)£449.98
Mast Head Floatation Kit 3 (HBGC-1628)£169.98
Remote Slab Reefing for Main Sail (HBGC-1633)£169.97
Second Slab Reefing for Main Sail (HBGC-1634)£159.98
Spinnaker Sock Fitted (HBGC-1637)£189.98
Spinnaker System Fully Rigged (HBGC-1635)£999.97
Trapeze System Complet (HBGC-1639)£198.90

All prices incl VAT

Wayfarer Trainer from £8995.00 + VAT

Choose a Wayfarer because:

The Wayfarer is a high quality, hand-built in Derby (UK), G.R.P. dinghy suitable for all the family. At just under 16 foot, this spacious dinghy can comfortably accommodate up to six adults. 

 Its excellent handling characteristics ensure that beginners quickly gain confidence and can relax and have fun sooner. More experienced sailors can enjoy club racing or the challenges of the racing circuit.

 The solid G.R.P. construction of the Mark IV provides good stiffness, long-term durability and very stylish lines. G.R.P. is easy to take care of which enables the Wayfarer to be maintained at a very high standard for many years.

 The Wayfarer is a very versatile craft with a vast range of options for training, cruising and racing. It can be rigged for one purpose eg. cruising and later re-rigged to a different configuration eg. racing to meet changing need or interest.

Training Wayfarers are constructed with extra strengthening in the areas that come under high stress in sailing schools and resorts. Training boats are available in a variety of options which can include asymmetric or symmetric spinnakers or even both options in the same boat. They can have rear seats fitted or not and even a trapeze option. These boats can be fitted with masthead flotation to forestall inversion and all round bumpers to guard against bumps and scraped.

Although updated in 2008 by Phil Morrison to take full advantage of the modern design, manufacturing and building techniques, the Wayfarer has an unrivalled pedigree and has been one of the worlds safest and most popular sailing dinghies since it was first designed as an all-around training, cruising and racing dinghy by Ian Proctor in 1957.


Asymmetric or Symmetric Spinnaker Options

The Wayfarer available with either asymmetric or symmetric (conventional) spinnakers. Originally intended for sailing schools the asymmetric spinnaker option is now available for all and it provides an exciting new dimension to this classic class. Asymmetric spinnakers are great fun and very easy to use. They offer a great alternative for training and cruising and at club level, you may be able to use an asymmetric spinnaker for local racing but that is not yet class legal for championship racing events.

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