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Used : 2018 built Osprey - £13995.00

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2018 mk5 built Osprey. Due to unforeseen circumstances a golden opportunity exists to secure this beautiful Slate Grey Hull, White Bottom, White Deck, Slate Grey Foredeck. This Osprey has a full singing and dancing specification at a list cost price of over £23,000. The spec is as follows : Adjustable Toe Straps with Tracks, Carbon Full Rig, Adjustable Rig, Strut Assembly, Spinnaker Taper Sheets, Spinnaker Tracks x 2 Rear, Jib Carrs complete x 2, Carbon Centreboard, Carbon Rudder blade, Tiller, Extension Upgrade, Shoot Bag Short, Continuous Control Lines x 4, Large Tidy bag, 2-Coloured Hull, Padded Toe Straps, Top Cover Flat Poly/Cotton, Under Cover, Rudder Bag, Mast Bag, Combi-Trailer, Wide Trolley Wheels x 2, Standard Jockey Wheel, Lighting Board with Mast Support, Tie Down Strap.

This end of the season winter deal is at a price of just £13,995 complete and is ready for its new loving owner. 

Golden opportunity 2. Trade in your mk4 Osprey (if good condition) and get £6,000 credit trade-in allowance.

Plus remember, this boat includes £4,453 of accessories, being a set of nearly new North sails at £2,698, nearly new combi trailer at £1,100, and nearly new covers at £655 (undercover, top-cover, rudder bag and mast bag).

Golden Opportunity 3. Get £3,000 trade-in allowance for your glass Osprey mk3 (if in good condition).

Plus, remember this boat includes £4,453 of accessories.

This Osprey will come with a 4-year Hartley Boats guarantee and if needed we can deliver. Please contact Richard Hartley richard@hartleyboats.com or call 01332 369751.


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