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The Hartley 10 is a very easy to manage entry level race dinghy. This attractive little dinghy is particularly suited to those in the early stages of learning to race. It is made from a 3 layer rotomould polyethylene which is very robust and hardwearing.


The Hartley 10 race boat has a single battened sail with a fully adjustable mainsheet traveller system. It's deep hull shape incorporates a very stable sit-in design with a high boom to more comfortably accommodate older youth and adults. The hull shape moves swiftly over the water and self drains effortlessly


The mast comes in two pieces for easier transport on a car top or road trailer.



The Hartley 10 dinghy is a lovely comfortable boat to sail, the balance and synergy between the hull and the sail area  make it a very stable boat that is less likely to capsize than other boats of this size. However part of the excitement of sailing is the ever present possibility of becoming overpowered by the forces of nature and the inevitable capsize that follows.  This very nature of dinghy sailing requires that we must always be able to right a boat after a capsize and naturally the easier we can do this the safer it will be.


If and when you capsize this dinghy you will be pleasently surprised at the ease with which you can right it. The buoyancy placement and hull shape of the Hartley 10 result in it staying in the half way position for a very long time, giving you ample opportunity to get yourself safely into the recovery position. Even from an in-water position it is easy to get onto the centreboard by using the molded shapes in the hull as hand and foot holds. Once on the centreboard the boat comes upright with minimal effort.


During capsize tests we found it remarkably difficult to make the Hartley 10 invert. We were pleased to note that the high transom arches and lack of any obstruction at the transom provided a clear and unobstructed escape route from under the boat. Having the mainsail sheeted only from the centre of the boat has a distinct safety advantage because it eliminates the likelihood of entanglement in a stern bridle & mainsheet configuration.


After a capsize, because of it's unique shape and open transom design, the boat comes upright with minimal water in the cocpit, it can then be safely sailed away on any point of sail to eliminate the small amount of water that remains.


Length 2.94m (10?)
Beam 1.28m
Weight 45kg
Sail area 3.7m2
Performance sail 5.1m2

Following independent RYA testing - Hartley 10 dinghies proudly display their CE categorisation:

Optional Extras

We have a range of optional extras available for the Hartley 10 the most popular are listed below, for a more comprehensive range of general sailing accessories please visit our Chandelery section.

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The Hartley10 R is ready to race at just


Inc. Vat.

Portsmouth Yardstick: 1450

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