• Price new: £12,086.19
  • Offer price: £7,995.00
  • Year of Manufacture: 2009
  • Construction type: GRP Foam Sandwich
  • Length: 4.82m
  • Beam: 1.82m
  • Weight: 183kg
  • Full Dyneema rigging
  • Adjustable jib tracks
  • Padded toe straps
  • Centre main sheet
  • Tapered spinnaker sheets
  • Launching trolley
  • Kicker, Cunningham, rig tension and pole up-haul all led back.
  • Auto-ratchet spinnaker blocks
  • Ratchet jib blocks
  • Tidy bag
  • Quick pins on shrouds


Every used boat is buoyancy tested, serviced and comprehensively rigged and checked to ensure it’s ready to sail. Each boat includes a full Hartley Boats warranty.

 We are more than happy to give a thorough boat walk-through and training session with every boat handover to ensure that you are completely comfortable when taking it out for the first time.


Wayfarer Racer £7995.00



Just arrived to our showroom, this lovely racing Wayfarer is ready to get you straight out on the water.

This is a high specification racing example of the latest (mkIV) version of these classic boats, with lots of desirable options to keep you at the front of the pack.

The upgraded Milanes wooden centreboard and rudder really make this boat stand out along with the lido blue double-waterline hull.

Fitted with a symmetric spinnaker, the full set of included sails as well as a launching trolley means that this boat would be ready to launch and sail straight away.

The boat is fitted with adjustable jib tracks and ratcheting jib blocks as well as a centre main sheet system and tapered spinnaker sheets running through auto-ratcheting spinnaker blocks, perfectly preparing it to race.

The kicker, cunningham, rig tension and pole up-haul systems are all lead back to the helm, with a full Dyneema rig. Padded toe straps should look after your feet during a hard days’ sailing.

Despite being fitted out to race, this boat is also perfectly suited to cruise or day-sail as all Wayfarers are.

This boat can be secured now with only a £250 deposit and a wide range of other upgrades, including rear storage locker and seats, can be fitted to suit your own personal preferences so please give us a call if you’d like any more information or simply to discuss.

Send us an email at sales@hartleyboats.com or give us a call on 01332 369751 to secure this boat, or if you have any questions no matter how big or small!
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