• Price new: £
  • Offer price: £5,495
  • Year of Manufacture:
  • Construction type: GRP
  • Length: 4.3m
  • Beam: 1.5m
  • Weight:
  • Additional extras with this boat include:
  • - Top cover
  • - Mast
  • - Boom
  • - Sails
  • - Rudder
  • - Dagger board.



Offer price: £1995


Every used boat is buoyancy tested, serviced and comprehensively rigged and checked to ensure it’s ready to sail. Each boat includes a full Hartley Boats warranty.

 We are more than happy to give a thorough boat walk-through and training session with every boat handover to ensure that you are completely comfortable when taking it out for the first time.


Phone our sales team to discuss the boat in more detail or purchase over the phone on: 01332 369751.
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