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The Gull Sailing Dinghy

The Gull is a delightful dinghy to sail and to manage both on and off the water. The design and layout make this a very forgiving boat that is ideally suited for beginners, yet it is still lively, and responsive, enough to give the more experienced sailor plenty of fun and excitement.


The upgrading of the Gull design means that this dinghy is just as suited to pottering up a secluded back creek as it is in open water. The versatility of the Gull allows you to sail single handed or fully crewed, it has a safety rating and room for up to four on board. The superb manageability when first sailing the Gull will quickly boost your confidence and encourage you to become more adventurous. Very soon you will be heading out in more challenging conditions or enjoying the delights of spinnaker sailing, confident in the knowledge that this lovely little dinghy can handle it all.


The skilled craftsmen in Hartley Boats use modern expertise, in glass-fibre and polyester resin laminate construction (GRP), to manufacture these classic dinghies that were originally designed by Ian proctor in 1956. The incorporation of new technology and deck hardware ensures that the new Gulls are very easy to use and equally easy to maintain. The high quality GRP hard wearing finish means that, even with a minimum of care, your Gull will look and function beautifully for years to come.


Optional head buoyancy, easy reefing systems and ample built-in storage space make the Gull ideal for cruising, training and day sailing. An outboard engine and a set of oars can be used to provide alternative propulsion. The relatively small size and weight of the Gull (3.35m & 88kg), make it easy to launch and recover single handed and towing is quite manageable behind a small family car.


Welcome to the wonderful world of Gull sailing where endless fun awaits you in this fantastic dinghy.


The Gull is ideal as a cruising boat and is used by many training schools throughout the UK. The Gull is easy to sail and handles well in light or heavy winds. The boat is very forgiving which allows newcomers to learn and get confidence in order to progress without getting wet all the time when out in heavy winds.


Its spinnaker is an ideal size for the beginner and with optional roller reefing jib, slab reefing main, and buoyancy head pad, gives this boat the flexibility to be sailed single handed.


It's capacity to take up to 4 people makes this boat a popular choice, and with over 50 years proven record we are proud that this boat is the best in its field.


The GPR construction means the boat will last and take the wear and tear of many people sailing her. While accidental damage can be easily fixed, mean the return on your investment is assured.


Length 3.35m

Beam 1.44m

Draft 0.91m

Weight 88.0 kg

Sail Area Main & Genoa 6.78msq

Spinnaker 5.57 msq

Portsmouth No: 1363 RN



2 Side Tanks, 1 Forward Tank,

1 Aft Tank

Following independent RYA testing - Gull dinghies proudly display their CE categorisation:


Hand built by our skilled craftsmen every Gull is built to very high standards and comes to you with an excellent finish.


The Boat is constructed in glassfibre and polyester resin with unidirectional glass cloth and an external stiffening ribbed structure for extra strength.


Accidents, bumps and damage are easy to repair in glassfibre and most importantly it is hard wearing so your Gull will look good and perform well for a very long time.

This exceptional price includes a full set of sails, and is ready to sail at just

£8995.00 Inc Vat



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