Racing boats today need a fine mix of speed and manoeuvrability, this is just what you will find in each racing boat we build. Some of our boats have build a reputation over the last 50 years that is second to none, but even old legends need updating to keep up with the changes in build and design. Making them even better to handle and faster through the water, helping make you every bit the winner, just as they are.

The Hartley 12 is a stable sit-in design with a high boom to more comfortably accommodate older youth and adults. The hull shape move swiftly through the water and self drains effortlessly. Having a centreboard is a distinct advantage over similar boats as it allows for much easier launching and recovery. The H12 is a single sail versions with a clip on jib option, it can be raced with either one or two sails. 

The Hartley 12.2 adds a whole new and exciting dimension to rotomould sailing dinghies, the combination of a very generous fully battened mainsail, neat jib and asymmetric spinnaker make this boat very responsive and a real thrill to race.


Over 50 years in the making the Kestrel Racer has a very strong following with a full racing calendar. Be it an open meeting or a Championship you will always be welcomed.


This is one of the fastest single handed non-trapeze boats. The Supernova is at home on a lake or at sea. A very responsive but stable boat.

This boat is by far the Rolls Royce of racing boats. Over 50 years in the making the Osprey was Ian Proctors special trapeze boat. Sailed with two or three crew the Osprey is Quick and safe in strong winds, and excels in big seas. If you want speed with excellent handling this boat is a must.


The Wayfarer racer is one of the UK's leading race fleets. With over 10,000 Wayfarers built, competition is always in abundance. Racing is always hard fought but in a Wayfarer wether your racing or cruising its always a pleasure.

The Wanderer race fleet is competitive but always super fun, with a emphasis on people enjoying their sailing. When you sail this great boat race it or cruise it you will enjoy your sailing.

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