Hartley 10 Tender

The Hartley 10 is an excellent choice as a tender:

The Hartley 10 tender is an attractive little punt, particularly suited to those who need a small practical run about to get from bigger boat to shore. It is made from 3 layer rotomould polyethylene which is very robust and hardwearing. The Hartley 10 tender moves steadily through the water propelled by paddle or oars with a rear seat and outboard mounting option for longer trips or for those who prefer to use an engine.

As a practical 10 foot tender the Hartley 10 is hard to beat, however the real beauty and versatility of this little punt is in it's ability to quickly transform into a fun sailing dinghy. A wonderful option that will bring hours of enjoyment to anyone young or older who just likes messing about in boats.

The Hartley 10 tender has a single sail option that transforms this practical tender into a nippy little sailing dinghy that's a real pleasure to sail.  The deep & wide hull shape incorporates a very stable sit-in design with a high boom to more comfortably accommodate adults. The attractive shape moves swiftly over the water and self drains effortlessly.

The soft sail can be easily reefed, by simply rotating the mast and wrapping the excess sail neatly around the mast, to reduce the sail area.  

The mast comes in two pieces so it, and all of the other sailing accesories, can be neatly stored onboard a larger boat or in a garden shed.




Length 2.94m (10')
Beam 1.28m
Weight 45kg
Sail area 3.7m2
Performance sail 5.1m2

Following independent RYA testing - Hartley 10 dinghies proudly display their CE categorisation:

Optional Extras

We have a range of optional extras available for the Hartley 10 Tender the most popular are listed below, for a more comprehensive range of general sailing accessories please visit our Chandelery section.

Sailing Options

Racing Upgrade Kicker £79.98

Racing Upgrade Kit £179.98

Racing Upgrade Mainsail £298.95

Additional Racing Mainsail £498.98

Masthead floatation kit 2 £119.98

Boat Accessories

Padded Toe Straps £69.98

Rowlocks & Oars Kit £129.98

Tender Seating Kit £99.98

Outboard Engine Bracket Pad £98.98

Storage Bag £29.98

Paddle Kit £19.98

Rear Bungs Kit £39.98

Row Locks & Split oars Kit £129.98

Boat Protection

Top Cover £149.98

Under Cover £79.98

Padded Rudder Bag £49.98

Padded Daggerboard Bag £59.98

Boat Movement

Launch Trolley £349.98

Road Trailer £599.98

Combi-trailer £848.98

Hartley 10 Tender

The Hartley10 Tender comes with Oars and Rowlocks with optional rear seat, outboard mounting bracket and outboard engine accessories available. It is a robust little punt easily upgraded for sailing. It can be towed behind a larger yacht or lifted onboard for storage.

£995.00 Inc Vat.

H10 tender with outboard
Rowing Tender
Shore wheels
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